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I'm a software engineer (and occasional web designer!), project manager and generally all round technical geek working and living in London, UK. I specialise in software design, database driven websites, iPhone Apps, SEO and UX.

I have been this way since I was 8 years old, initially developing games for the Sinclair Spectrum and then later the Commodore Amiga. When 3D games started appearing I switched my attention to desktop applications and discovered the importance of bespoke business software, which included financial management applications and mailing warehouse systems. Then came the Internet and since then I've been developing usable, professional websites using best practice accessibility, standards compliant code and a multitude of languages on various platforms. More recently I've been turning my attention back to C programming with Objective-C and building fun and useful iPhone Apps. Every website or application I produce is lovingly designed and hand-coded, through the day and quite often well into the night...

When I'm not in front of my beloved MacBook Pro creating, you'll find me climbing mountains, running or cycling around the countryside, playing some form of ball sport or reading in Starbucks with a Skinny Vanilla Latte! I also love to travel (not just sit in the sun!), have a strange obsession with doors, birds (or anything that can fly really) and landscapes, and finally... I absolutely love what I do!

Feel free to contact me about anything web, SEO, development or social media related!

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